Farringdon Station, London

A photograph of the exterior of Farringdon Station in London – taken in (I believe) the 1930s. A station ‘buffet and restaurant’ can be seen to the left of the main entrance.
Image: Getty Images – photographer unknown
The same view in June 2022. Behind me is the brand new station for the Elizabeth line trains (opened a month or so ago). The old station still handles the older underground lines that pass through Farringdon.
Image: © TimeViews Steven Miell
A merged version of the two images. Use the slider.

One thought on “Farringdon Station, London

  1. Great to see the degree of difference between the two times. The wonderful curved shop windows are still there but of course the canopy above the station entrance has changed – interesting to note that some of the panels at the front where it looks like it would have said “Metropolitan” are missing.


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