Volksgarten, Vienna

Situated in Vienna’s Volksgarten, the Theseus Temple is reminiscent of a Greek temple – slightly out of context in Vienna! It was built in 1829 to house a single piece of sculpture by Antonio Canova – the Theseus Group. Completed in the 1810s, the statue depicts Theseus battling the centaur, Eurytus, and is now situated in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM – Art History) where it sits on the main staircase.
Image: Photographer unknown (1965)
The Temple was extensively renovated in 2010 and the building returned to the control of the KHM. This is the same view in January 2017. The KHM uses the Theseus Temple for a series of exhibitions of single works of contemporary art – a nod to the building’s original purpose.
Image: © Steven Miell (TimeViews)
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