Trafalgar Square, London

This building – now known as Canada House was built between 1824 and 1827 and was originally two buildings occupied by the Union Club, and the Royal College of Physicians. It was acquired by the Canadian government in 1923 – at a cost of £223,000. The building was officially opened on 29 June 1925 by King George V. 
A bomb fell near the building during WW2, narrowly missing future Canadian PM Lester Pearson. Many renovations followed over the years and in December 2014 the Canadian High Commission transferred all of its diplomatic functions to Canada House. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh officially reopened Canada House in February 2015.
Image: Photographer unknown (1926)
I took this photograph in February 2022 having tried last Summer – when the trees were in full bloom!
Image: © Steven Miell (TimeViews)
A merged version of the two images. Use the slider in the centre.

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